Tuesday, November 18, 2014

History and goegraphy lesson

        I am still learning how to come up with fun ways to teach without a set curriculum.  I enjoy it but its also challenging finding different sources and new information.
Today we covered history,  The Ice Age and Civilization.
      I used "What your first grader needs to know. " book as a guide. Then supplemented with other resources.
I started on the chapter on history. It was fun reading this with the kids. We talked about how they lived.  Archeology and how they find things from that time.
   Once we read about the Ice Age and how they roamed to hunt and gather food. We were able to tie in how civilization began, how they settled and where civilization began. 
    I had my children build the world map and also spoke of the seven continents. 

    This lesson was an excellent way to tie in other subjects. History is a great way to teach about science, geography, foods we eat and culture.
     This lesson really helped me get excited again about home school. It can be exhausting at times. I want to do my best and not short change my children. I want their education to be exciting to them but also for me. Lessons like this make it worth while. Seeing the children excited to learn. They ask questions that I can not answer quick enough. That is one great aspect of homeschooling.  They can ask questions and I will help them find the answer.
   If you have any ideas that can be added to this lesson I would love to hear about them.