Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Homeschooling Drama Mama.

Its official I am homeschooling.  It is week three and I have survived longer than I could have imagined.  I had imagined myself giving up and just driving my kids to the school within days of starting.  I honestly could not believe that I was taking such a huge leap in my children education and my families lives.  
When my daughter was born 6 year ago I had a desire to teach her at home and I had taken a lot of steps in introducing her to reading and language at a very young age.  I had previously heard about homeschooling but I really did not know much about it. I toyed with the idea of it but it never really resonated for too long.  There was no way I was going to stay home and teach my children.
Fast forward 6 years and that thought, that dream unrealized has turned in to a reality. I love it.  I can not explain this feeling I have.  I have read so much about mothers taking on this journey and really having a new appreciation and understanding for their child's education.  Being in it and living it is the only way to truly see what others are talking about.  The reason there are so many books on homeschooling. The reason why moms and dads write blogs sharing their journey.   Their ups, their downs.  And now I have mine.  
If you have read other blogs or have spoken to other parents homeschooling they will tell you some days are hard. And you may ask then why do it? why not send them to a school where there are teachers trained to do just that? To teach children. Because those hard days are nothing compared to seeing my daughter learn, and know that I have taken my time to teach her. Yes I have to learn patience when teaching her. Because it is a great challenge. Yet seeing her grow is amazing thing to see. I am seeing things I had never seen before. She is able to be herself.  I do not let her just run around with no rules. I just let her breather a bit. And she can take a break or two or three.  I know I am gonna get her there. 
I understand that all can or want to home school.  And that's the great thing about it, we can all choose whats best for our own children
I have so much more to see and learn.  I just hope and pray that I am doing the best by my children.  I had a calling for greatness for my family and I am not gonna sit idly by and wait for someone to tell me whats best for my family.  I want to be the one who chooses. 

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