Monday, October 13, 2014

Mornings are beautiful

I do not have much time to spend writing but I must say mornings are beautiful being a stay at home and homeschooling. There are no other words to describe how wonderful it is to wake up and get things ready for the morning and then wait for the children to wake up.  Penny was in kindergarten last year and that was stressful. Trying to get her ready and alert in the morning was like pulling teeth from a bear.  It was not a pretty sight.
Homeschooling is truly a challenge but I love it. Mornings like today confirm it. Yesterday was a stressful day. I think it may be because we did not go to church. We have started attending a church in our neighborhood and it has been great for our family. I truly feel that because I missed that day in the week to become refreshed and to recharge my batteries for the week spiritually it affected me.  I will try to make it a point to make that time to go to church again. I used to go all the time even when I had Penelope. Then it was easier toting one little baby around. But having three should not be an excuse.  I know myself and I know I need to have my spiritual life fed or I can unravel. I know it is my responsibility to go to God anytime because he is there but it honestly helps when you are surrounded by other like minded people.
Today I want to have a productive day even with the challenges.
I love my family.

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