Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why I home school.

I have read many blogs and many of the parents home school for many of the same reasons. Some reasons may overlap and and some are different. The most common theme I see is giving your children something better.  A better education, a loving environment, a better way of seeing the world.  These are some of my reasons.  When my daughter was born 6 years ago I thought about homeschooling but I never knew anyone who had done it. I had no information on it and it seemed very different. Such an unconventional way of doing things, It still is. I do not get offended if people do not understand my reasoning behind my educating my children. If someone asks its an opportunity for me to let others know about what I know.  Just like most things in life if it does not concern you as an individual you do not take the time out to find out about it.  I did extensive research when I decided that home schooling was an option I was thinking about.
Today my husband and I were reflecting o n how far we had come as a family in respect to my daughters education and the effects it had on us overall.  I want to inform you that when I told my husband I wanted to homeshool he was hesitant.  I needed to make sure we all wanted to homeschool before I made the leap.  I had given my husband a lot of information and became even more informed while trying to show him what I believed would be best. I asked him how he felt so far about my homeschooling? And does he feel my daughter is learning enough?
My hubby said he is happy with our decision. The only thing he worries about is if they will have a problem if they enter public school again. But its not my biggest concern yet.
Today we listened to jazz and ate lunch by the rain. Yes our days can be chaotic sometimes but days like today are priceless.


  1. Hi!

    I saw your comment on a homeschooling blog and decided to visit your blog since I am a newly homeschooler and blogger too! I actually haven't officially started homeschoolingg yet, but I am supplementing with my 4 year old who we will start next year. Maybe you can learn some great things this year and share them with me!

  2. Hi
    thank you for commenting. I will like to share what I learn. These past few months has been a great learning experience.