Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A few of my favorite Homeschool things.

These are a few of my favorite things.  Things  we get to do during school. These pics are highlights of some of the fun activities we get to do on a school day. We went to the zoo on a weekday. The kids were able to just run around and see everything they wanted with no crowds.  There were lessons on animals while we walked, talked, played and observed.
Measuring the height of an animals jump compared to our own at the zoo on a Tuesday.

Building a birds nest outside just because they wanted to.

Driveway Artwork.

Siblings reading together during school

The beginning of the birds nest.

        Not everyday is like this but we get to do this more often because we are on our own time. When the children built the nest it was their own idea. They inspire everyday with new ways to approach learning.  My 6 year old daughter sorted everything out and had her brother helping her. I used that opportunity to speak of Eagles and how their nest is the largest yet they are not the largest bird. Something we had learned at the zoo.
        Homeschooling can be a challenge like any good thing in life. I question myself and my decisions sometimes. Then there are days when my children s imagination can run wild and learning takes a new path. I try and pray everyday to be patient and to have an open mind. I have a schedule that can be adjusted at any moment. I have three young children and I can not expect them to be open about learning and expand their idea of what school is if I do nothing but stick to the schedule. 

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