Thursday, December 18, 2014

Telling Time Lapbook 1st grade

You don't need to home school to use this idea.  It is fun for the kids and they learn at the same time.
I have been wanting to make more lap books for my daughter. They are a great way to organize ideas and learning material in one folder.
My latest lapbook is for telling time. I was able to find this at I took those printable's and made my own lapbook layout.
Cover sheet.

this is the first center flap. On each side you can glue small envelopes. I made these envelopes with color paper. I placed the numbers in the orange envelope on the right. Then the words on the left in the blue envelope. 

here is the second flap with the clock and the hour and minute hands.

 There are many websites and videos on how to make these. Just go for it. 
If you have made a lapbook about telling time let me know how you did it.
Happy Homeschooling.

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