Friday, January 2, 2015

Reviewing and Renweing our Homeschool plan

It is January 2nd, 2015 and I want to review my work so far since we started homeschooling in August. It has been a new and interesting journey that my family and I have undertaken. There are some things I can improve upon and there are some things I really like about out homeschooling days.
       I have been searching online for rewards charts and daily activities charts. I want to hold not only myself accountable for the work I do but also my daughter. I went to Walmart and I was stocking up on some very discounted Christmas decorations and small gifts when I got the idea of rewards and prized at the end of the week.

       My daughter was with me, but I explained to her all of these new toys were for rewards points. She will get her usual birthday and Christmas gifts but I want to refrain from randomly buying gifts. I want my children to have fun and enjoy things but I want them to see that things take work. I also hope it may be another form of motivation for schoolwork. I have not officially done a daily chore chart.  I am currently searching the Internet for some. I found this website and it seems very helpful. kidspoints

Small items but she is already excited to receive them. These were both on clearance. 

        I know as an adult when I have a list of things I need to get done, even if its a small list,  it helps me remember my tasks. Sometimes we get so distracted with everyday things. I want to help my children learn how to manage their time. How to have fun and still get work done. Everyday life is not just playing and having fun, for most of us at least. I try and have fun when I can, but there are things to be done if we want a nice clean place, or if we want to learn something.  We need to put our time and effort into learning.  
     My Daughter has done great in reading but it was like pulling teeth to get to where we are today. I will also try a reading chart. Maybe if she receives a sticker for every book she reads it will give her more reason to sit and read. Now that she is reading more she can step up to this new challenge.
She is reading Amelia Bedelia. At the beginning of the year she could not read more than two sentences. Now she can read a whole chapter with a little assistance on difficult words.  She has also surprised me and has sounded out words I have never taught her.
       I will be tweaking the chart and reward system as I go. homeschooling is such a learning experience for me as well as for my children. I like how we can come up with different ways to teach something. I like breaking things down and figuring out a way to make it understandable for my children. Its always a plus when it is fun as well.
      I found some new resources on YouTube. There is a channel called Teachertipster  This is a channel made by a teacher and he has great ideas for teaching new concepts and helping children memorize things. You know they all love things that are fun, colorful and exciting. I am not afraid to admit that sometimes I lack in that area because I am at home all the time, so I thank God everyday for the Internet. I will be using a lot of his ideas. I am also inspired to try my own. I can not wait to see what I come up with.
Baking cookies, Reading a recipe and measuring ingredients. Math, Science, reading, and fun all in one.
      Everyday life can become monotonous but we can do something about it and make it interesting. It is easy to fall into an everyday routine and not change anything. I think there is a chance to change something in your life every once in a while to become better. I take this opportunity and am filled with excitement for myself and my children.

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